Postage Fees Update

Posted by Jin Yen Toh on

I've always used Singpost to mail all your orders due to the reliability and accountability of their service. They've recently announced changes to their postage fees that will kick off on 15 October. As such, some changes have been made to our postage fees to adjust to these changes.


Domestic (Singapore) Orders

I only use Smartpac to mail your orders as they are trackable. The current Smartpac we use are $3.80 and the new ones will be $3.20. There will be no changes to domestic postage fees on my website. Domestic shipping fees remain subsidised at $2 till 31 December 2020.

The decision to subsidise shipping locally due to the reduction of pop-up events (as a result of COVID-19). Depending on how the situation evolves in 2021, I may decide to increase the postage fees payable. I will provide more update in December 2020.

I've also introduced same-day and next-day delivery for Singapore addressed. You may wish to refer to this page for more details.


Malaysia Orders

With better knowledge of how heavy the mails usually are, I've decided to increase the postage fees to $5. The new rates may be only a few cents cheaper, but all orders mailed out from Singapore are registered. Hence the postage fees usually add up to above $7. I will also continue to subsidise the additional costs till 31 December 2020.


International Orders

Similar to Malaysia Orders, I've decided to increase international postage fees to $18. I will continue to subsidise a portion of the cost (till 31 December 2020), and any extra (postage) paid will be refunded once I mail your order out. 


*The minimum order to qualify for free shipping remains unchanged for all orders.