Hi I’m the Pig behind Pig Pig Hooray✌🏻

I think I can call myself a jack of (almost) all trades. After dabbling in the gifting, financial, fashion and desserts industry before this, I believe my true calling is still in the whimsical world of creativity. And so far, polymer clay seem to be the best medium for me to express it.

I am a 90% perfectionist. I love to see perfectly sanded and buffed earrings. I hate to present defective work out there for my customers. I set a very high bar for myself and as a result, I find myself working to the bones (and then falling sick) when no one is there forcing me to do so.

I believe every day there would be something new for me to learn. So I’m constantly on the look out for newer techniques, and better solutions to some inevitable problems. This is how I “found” the perfect solution to the “glue problem”. (If you want to know what that is, buy my earrings and study them.)

I never believe in being spoon-fed answers. Even in my life choices, you can see how I obstinately head towards an impending disaster despite warnings. I feel the best way to learn is to make mistakes. And learn them the hard way. Am I too hard on myself? Maybe. But this way I can proudly tell you all my knowledge are mine and mine to own.