The Essentials Box

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The boxes will protect your earrings from getting damaged when left in your bag. They are compact, light, and transparent (so you can see what you have inside without having to open them). The big box can fit statement size earrings and the small one can fit some statement stud designs.

We all know that earring backings seem to disappear sometimes, so extras have been provided in this set as well. The comfort backings will be perfect for bigger earrings as it allows the earring to sit nicely on your ear lobes without "leaning forward".


Content of 1 Essential Box:-

1 x Big Box (approx 7.2cm x 7.2cm)
2 x Small Boxes (approx
5 x Alcohol Swabs
3 pairs x Rubber Backs 
3 pairs x Rubber Comfort Backs
3 pairs x Stainless Steel Comfort Backs


Option to add on more backings. Content of the 1 Essential Box with Add-ons:

1 x Big Box
1 x Small Box
10 x Alcohol Swabs
10 pairs x Rubber Backs 
10 pairs x Rubber Comfort Backs
10 pairs x Stainless Steel Comfort Backs