Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to my new and revamped website. How do you like our new branding and our website's new look?

We are grateful to have your support when we opened our first physical studio at North Bridge Centre last year. Even though it is now closed, you can find all Pig Pig Hooray's creations will be exclusively available here on our web store. Hope you can continue to support us!

We are introducing a new brand Mezzo into our family. Mezzo offers simpler earring designs at a more affordable price. You can also find past creations "refurbished" and sold under this brand. Everything from Mezzo are still created by me! Most of Mezzo collections are available at The Everyday Studio @ Pearl's Hill Terrace.

As part of our efforts to improve our shipping experience, we have reviewed and made adjustments to both domestic and international orders. Please also note the changes with regards to free shipping. You can find more information from this link.

We want to move towards more sustainable options that will reduce our harm to the world. We will make these changes gradually when our existing stock of packaging materials are fully utilised. Even though our branding may look messy for the time being, we really want to reduce wastage and not just throw all of them away. Hope you can bear with us!

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