About Us


Our Brand

Pig Pig Hooray is a Singapore-based company which specializes in selling handmade polymer clay earrings. Since our establishment in 2019, we've strived to make products that are wearable and suitable for everyone.

Our Story

Pig Pig Hooray started out as a creative outlet for the artist. It has since evolved into a creative expression for both the artist (myself) and the wearer. Our earrings are elegant statement pieces that our customers love to flaunt. The quality in both our products and our service to our customers speaks volumes amongst our loyal customers. We constantly seek ways to create earrings that suit all types of customers and their budget, while never compromising on our work quality.

Our Products

Each and every piece of the polymer clay earrings are unique and handmade with love. Close attention is given to every piece to ensure that customers receive quality earrings.