Care Instructions

Thank you for bringing home a pair of Pig Pig Hooray earrings! Here are some tips to help you make sure your earrings remain in tip-top condition. 

1. Sanitize your earrings

    Use the alcohol swab included to sanitize your earring post/hooks before your first wear.

2. Avoid exposure to heat and sunlight

    Keep your earrings away from prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight.

3. Dry your earrings

    The earrings can be washed but they need to be dried immediately after.

4. Storing earrings safely

    To prevent dust from accumulating, store your earrings in a Ziplock bag. Avoid leaving them in your bags without a box as the earrings may break.

5. Removing earrings safely

    Refrain from pulling on the dangling parts of your earrings. Instead, while holding on to the stud top, take the earrings out of your ears or safety backs.

6. Switch to rubber backings

    For increased comfort, you can use the rubber backings that are provided in place of the metal backings. Your earrings will sit closer to the ear lobes and look better when worn with the larger rubber backings.

We are not responsible for any damage caused by wear and tear, or any mishandling. But if your earrings break or the posts come off, we may be able to fix it at a small cost. You will need to send them back to us via trackable post. Both shipping costs will be borne by you, in addition to the repair costs (if any). You can reach out to us at with photos of the damage so we can access if we are able to repair it for you. You can also read more about our refund policy here