Hooray Perks FAQ

Posted by Jin Yen Toh on

Hooray! There's now a more systematic way for me to reward all of you, my loyal customers. And what better way to call it than Hooray? Now below are some FAQ to help you understand how it works.


What is Hooray Perks?

It's a way for you to earn points whenever you spend at my shop. You can use these points to redeem discounts to be used on your next purchase!


What is HOORAY?

Hooray = points. It's simply a happier way of calling them points.


Where can I access the Hooray Perks?

You can see a navy-coloured icon at the bottom right hand side of your screen. On your phone, you will see a crown icon. On your desktop, you will see the word Hooray.

You will need an account to start using Hooray Perks. If you already have one, simply log in and you will be able to check Hooray balance!


How do I earn Hoorays?

Every $1 spent will be converted to 1 Hooray!
Get 100 Hoorays when you sign up for an account.
Get 300 Hoorays on your birthday.


How do I utilise my Hoorays?

You can convert your hoorays to discount codes to be used at checkout.

500 Hoorays can be converted to a 10% off discount code.
900 Hoorays can be converted to a 20% off discount code.
You can also convert your hoorays in denominations of 100. 100 Hoorays can be converted to $1 off, 200 Hoorays for $2 off, and so on.

Once you've converted the hoorays, you will be provided a discount code that you will need to enter into the discount code field at check out. Do note that if you use Apple Pay or Google Pay, the field will not be visible for you to key in.


Do the Hoorays have an expiry?

No! You can use it as and when you want!


Will the discount codes I've converted expire?

No! If you ever forget your code, simply check your email, or the Hooray Perks Icon.


I forgot to use my discount code at check out. Can you help me to apply it to my order?

I'm sorry, the system doesn't allow me to utilise your discount code for you. Once you've converted your Hoorays into a discount code, only you can use it at check out.


Why can't I utilise the discount codes if I'm paying by Apple Pay or Google Pay?

These 2 payment modes are meant to be a fast and fuss free method of checking out. They will skip the entire cart out process by utilising the mailing address and email address you have stored in your e-wallet on your phone. The discount code field is only available at the checkout page. So when you utilise these modes of payment, you skip the page. You wouldn't be able to use the discount codes then.


I converted the Hoorays to the wrong discount type. Can you change for me?

I'm sorry I can't. The system doesn't allow me to change the discount for you, neither does it allow me to mark the code as utilised and issue a new one for you.


I think the Hoorays credited to my account is wrong. Can you check for me?

Yes I can! Simply drop me an email at pigpighooray@gmail.com and I will check and rectify (if necessary) for you right away!

I have other questions that aren't answered above. What should I do?

Drop me an email at pigpighooray@gmail.com. I'll be more than happy to answer them!