Mermaid Custom Release 2022

Release Date:

2 October (Sunday) 1pm SGT

Key Points to note:

  1. There is no limit to the number of custom slots a customer can purchase. 1 slot = 1 custom mermaid (pair).
  2. Lead time for the custom completion is between 1 to 3 months depending on my schedule. This does not include the time during which we discuss the design and colours.
  3. The estimated price for the mermaids is listed below. The final price will be communicated to you before I start working on the design.
  4. No sketch will be provided. Should the final product be unsatisfactory (based on the photo sent and before the earring is mailed out), I reserve the right to sell it to the public.
  5. No refund will be provided once payment is made. I will only collect the payment from you once our design discussion has concluded.
  6. If we cannot come to an agreement or decide not to proceed with the mermaid custom, you will be provided credit for the exact value of the deposit. There will not be any cash refund for any unused value of the deposit.
  7. Only earrings are available this time.
  8. I cannot replicate a previously done design because I mix all colours by gut feeling (I do not store any colour recipes). I will not reproduce any seasonal or limited edition mermaid designs (e.g. Chinese New Year 2022 Mermaids).

Colour and Design Specifications

  1. Major Colours include mermaid tail, mermaid hair, and earring base.
  2. You can only choose a maximum of 2 out of the 3 Major Colours. Alternatively, you can let me know the overall colour scheme that you prefer (e.g. pink monotone, warm pastel colours), or you can let me know what colours you would like to avoid.
  3. You can be specific about the colours (e.g. using a Pantone/CMYK code) but it’s not necessary. You can be more specific about the colour (e.g. Light Cool Green, Dark Warm Purple) or be more vague if you wish to leave it up to me to match the colours for 
  4. Specifying a hair accessory (e.g. seashell, flower, Swarovski, leaves) that you would like for the mermaid is optional. However, please let me know if you do not want any hair accessory at all.
  5. The default design for the swing (for Mermaid on Swing design) would be leaves and flowers (without Swarovski) done at my discretion. You may request a specific design element (e.g. mushrooms, roses, etc) or specific colour treatments (e.g. marbled leaves, flowers dusted with mica powder). Please note that the price will reflect the complexity of the design requested.
  6. All colour requests (except Major Colours) are optional and I cannot promise that I will adhere to them. My priority is to ensure the supplementary colours (colours that are not Major Colours) complement the Major Colours.

Mermaid Prices

  • Mini Mermaids
    • Mermaid only (as stud or dangle) $70 - $90
    • Mermaid on Swing (or Wind Mermaid) $90 - $110
  • Midi Mermaids
    • Mermaid only (as stud or dangle) $90 - $110
    • Mermaid on Swing (or Wind Mermaid) $100 - $180
*Please note that Swarovski (if requested) will be charged separately.
*Please check with me with regards to any special design request.

Estimated Mermaid Length

The following measurements are a guideline. The actual product may differ (most likely longer) as each design is uniquely made.
  • Mini Mermaid
    • the mermaid itself - approx 3.5cm
    • as a stud - approx 4cm
    • as a dangle - approx 5.5cm
    • Mermaid on Swing or Wind Mermaid - approx 6cm
  • Midi Mermaid
    • the mermaid itself - approx 4.5cm
    • as a stud - approx 5cm
    • as a dangle - approx 6.5cm
    • Mermaid on Swing or Wind Mermaid - approx 7cm